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zero voting

2008-06-13 06:44:32 by whooty2

I'm sorry, but I'm getting sick of all the people that vote 0 for no reason, if you vote 0 then at least add a review to say why. I'm thinking to quit submitting my work to Newgrounds if it continues like this.


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2008-06-13 07:15:59

why do you even care?

whooty2 responds:

because we don't get to hear a LOT of good music there is, just because some 11 year old votes zero so his song get's higher in ranking.


2008-06-13 07:20:08

I'm sick of the people voting 5 for no reason, except if they vote 5 on my stuff.

whooty2 responds:

lol, most of the people just vote without even listening to the song..


2008-06-15 08:48:04

=O you can't quit submitting.
the people that vote zero obviously either dont listen to the songs and are just after quick exp or they dont know what they're on about.

there are plenty of people on here that appreciate what you do and the effort it requires. fuck'em i say =]]


2008-06-26 13:01:45

There was a guy who voted zero on every single song i have for 5 weeks, every day.
Now THAT sucked.
I always get zerobombed, and i don't know why. I completely agree with you. I am close to never submitting anything anymore, also.
Fucking dumb little kids...


2008-07-04 23:37:16

It really shouldn't matter what others think. If you really enjoy making music, do it for yourself.


2008-08-05 21:45:46

I think your music rocks


2008-08-20 03:02:22

oh comon theres always people like that and itll never end cuz the ppl votin 0's obviusly haven't listened to your music either theyre sum haters that need to go to a diff section or they're untalented jokes who gotta make better music to get higher ranks


2008-08-20 03:07:04

also i hope you think bout getting a vocalist it make ure music lots better 10/10 x2 haha


2008-08-22 04:58:55

That people are stupid or have their songs in list. Someone should ban IP of that people.


2008-09-29 06:18:18

Scribbler says:

It really shouldn't matter what others think. If you really enjoy making music, do it for yourself.


2009-01-05 14:24:54

Don't quit. People obviously don't appreciate good music. I, for one, enjoy your songs, man. But that doesn't mean much coming from me. I am a nobody, but in any case... you shouldn't quit because your music rocks AND people don't listen to the song. I know a few people that are doing this. They may not be the people doing it to you in particular but almost everyone on my contacts list (Except for SlyGuyMoves) is doing this to many people. I'll try to find these idiotic people.


2009-01-10 07:22:24

omg, you can't quite submitting just cuz of a group of retards.

i love your work btw!