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Entry #7


2011-08-30 17:59:18 by whooty2

Times change, People change.

First off all I would like to thank everybody who supported me when I was submitting punk, I loved all the reactions of you guys and hope you have a broad musical taste.

I have descided to change my focus. I will mostly start submitting things in the Drum and Bass and Techno genres. First off all because I really like the music. I love the low dublike bass with the speed of drum and bass or that funky feeling of electro/techno. Which made me reconsider my musical productions.

And with a new genre, comes a new name. No longer shall things be submitted as my bands name, Riot Ignition, but it will be submitting under my name as producer. Captain Crash.

I really hope you enjoy my new work as much (or more!) as my old.

Yours Sincerely,
Captain Crash.


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2011-09-23 16:07:14